california real id requirements dmv beauty school


california real id requirements dmv beauty school

How to Open a Cosmetology School: Beauty School Equipment Guide

  With each workstation in use by multiple students per day, your equipment will need to be long-lasting. It’s crucial to furnish your school with quality, durable equipment backed by a long warranty to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

  Every school layout is different, especially with rules and regulations varying across all 50 states. Finding a provider who can create custom-made furniture that fits your space can be a huge differentiator in the beauty school space.

  When purchasing multiple pieces for a school, you’ll want to find an equipment provider who specializes in beauty schools and can supply the whole package. Find a provider who can sell you more than a few pieces and can advise you every step of the way, helping with layout, space planning, bulk-package pricing, etc.

  Beauty schools are very similar to salons, spas, and barbershops — but they’re different in terms of the amount of storage space needed. Your student body will have equipment that shouldn’t leave the premises, such as mannequins, toolkits, linens, product and more. And they’ll need a place to store their equipment when they’re not in class.

  How you choose your chairs will depend on your curriculum. Do you need a normal styling chair or one that is multi-functional and able to lean back? Make sure to choose a chair with a quality hydraulic pump, as the performance of your chairs are a big factor in your students’ experience.

  What station set up will work best for your space? There are multiple options to choose from that can help maximize your space — back-to-back, tri-, quad- and even hex-island stations. Some of these units can even come with built-in lockers and cubbies for extra storage. Check out our selection of double-sided stations that are perfect for beauty schools!

  A crucial question: will you teach sidewash, backwash, or both? This decision will dictate your plumbing requirements, as well as the type of equipment you’ll need for your shampoo area.

  No cosmetology or barber school is complete without the right hair dryers. Does your space allow for dryer-chair combos, where the dryer and chair are connected? Or will you need to install wall-mounted dryers instead?

This is Where It Begins: American Beauty School

  American Beauty School opened more than 50 years ago, and was built on a foundation of diversity, success, and innovation. Through decades of work, we have been cultivating our curriculum and values through exploration and creativity. We have strived to create an educational experience that prepares cosmetologists and estheticians for challenges they may face in the beauty industry.

  We have become a staple in the Bronx community and developed relationships with salon and spa owners in the New York City area. Many of our graduates have gone on to create their own success in personal businesses or premiere venues. Our students are lifted up by a large alumni base and experienced, passionate teachers. We aim to support them from the day that they step through our doors and throughout their beautiful careers.

  An education at American Beauty School can be the sturdy foundation you are looking for to follow your passions. A career in beauty is closer than you think.

  It starts at American Beauty School.

california real id requirements dmv beauty school